3 Reasons I Love Working in My Niche

#1: I Work with Amazing People.

In the age of influencers and mega bloggers, it can be tempting to think that the face behind your favorite website or blog has it all together. That they’re somehow special and immune from everything life throws at us–that they’re “different” than us. And you know what? That simply isn’t true.

They’re people, just like us.

And people? We’re multi-faceted human beings.

Working with small and medium businesses in particular, I get to form more personal working relationships with my clients than I would in a larger business or even corporate setting. This is compounded by the fact that I work mostly with people within the homesteading, real food, homeschooling, and natural health niches. As a result, most of these bloggers and business owners DO what they write about. They tend animals. They can food. They homeschool kids. They plant gardens. They make herbal remedies. All of those things not only make up their business tasks, but they also are what they do on evenings, weekends, and other “free” time.

Yes, it makes them incredibly busy. But it also makes them some of the sweetest and most personable people you will ever meet. These are generous, hard-working, reasonable, self-driven, responsible people, regardless of where they live. People who are generally a joy to work with and get to know. People who have good heads on their shoulders, thinking clearly in a world that’s losing its mind. They’re tending to their own business, quite literally. And it’s an amazing thing to get to be a part of it when I’m given the opportunity.

#2: I Work “Around” the World

I live in a fairly rural area, like many of my clients. And while I wouldn’t trade it for the world, it also means my opportunities to meet new people is sometimes reduced by distance and logistics. There just isn’t a thriving community of, say, herbalists or homesteaders in my local hometown.

But thanks to working remotely, I get to meet people around the country and the world. I’ve worked with people in the northern boarders, the east coast, the western mountains, and even within my home state. I’ve also worked with people in Canada, Australia, and the Philippines. You get to experience time zone differences and linguistical differences first hand, becoming acutely aware of what’s happening in that other area of the world. Suddenly, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornados take on a whole new meaning, when those natural disasters happen in the same area as your clients and colleagues.

#3: I Learn New Things All the Time

One of the biggest joys of working with content in the way that I do? I get to enjoy and learn from the content along the way! I’ve watched video lessons about canning. Read eBooks on herbal remedies. Researched information about garden planting. Experienced eCourses about homesteading. Hey, some days I practically get paid to watch videos and read books–what’s not to like about THAT? (Okay, okay. That’s overly simplistic, but you get the idea.)

Still, I learn so much just by enjoying the content they create, things I get itchy to try in my own personal life on the side. Yes, I want to try canning meat now. And making homemade salve. And starting a recipe blog. All because I read that printable or listened to that audio file about such-and-such topic.

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