[Wednesday Reflections] When It All Goes South

So…I was going to post a video tutorial today about how to use my favorite project management tool. But you know what? I didn’t.

You see, my brother gave me a nice USB microphone for my birthday, so I thought I’d use it to the record the audio. It worked in all the tests, but when I actually recorded my tutorial, it was silent as a graveyard. It makes NO sense whatsoever. So finally, I gave up on the USB mic and switched to my standard headset, because I was running out of time and it still records decent audio. I got the screensharing software working and made a few intro takes before launching into the complete tutorial.

THEN, in the tool itself, I realized that one of the features had been changed…because my test account had been selected for early feature release! Lucky me.

By this point, I was so frazzled that I gave up. It just wasn’t the day to record a tutorial.

But as I roll it around in my head, still a bit frustrated, I recall something that I read in a training resource recently.

Something about entrepreneurship is all about winging it, faking it until you make it.

Because here’s the deal: Sometimes, things don’t work out.

Okay, maybe a little more often than sometimes.

God is sovereign and holds all things in His hands, which means man makes his plans, but it is the LORD who directs his steps. And it’s something that I’m continuously taught as a small business owner working remotely with other small businesses. Something I’m still learning.

You see, when you’re running a business, even once you have all of the skills and equipment down pat, things still happen when you least expect it. Software updates roll out. Tools go down. Schedules collide across the globe.

And that’s the way it is.

It’s just part of what makes being an entrepreneur and small business owner so, um, adventurous.

Because when it comes down to it, nobody really has it down.

Sometimes, it CANNOT be learned. It just must be done.

And done again, if it doesn’t work the first time.

And done a third way if the second way doesn’t work.

And that’s okay. That’s part of the journey. That’s part of being a small business owner. And by the way, that video tutorial is still on my to-do list…just not for today. 🙂

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