What is Content Marketing?

Content has become an integral part of online marketing. Businesses and individuals use blogs, live videos, podcasts, and other forms of content to connect with their audiences and provide quality materials while building visibility and trust for their brand. Content provides how-to instructions, answers common questions from the industry, and tells compelling stories. Content marketing may also include the use of infographics, videos, audio recordings, and even free or paid downloads (content upgrades, affordable eProducts).


Why Content Marketing Help?

Content marketing thrives on strategy and quality, both of which can be difficult to balance and maintain by yourself. Content marketers specialize in this unique promotion type, so they know all the tips, tricks, and industry standards, leaving you to focus on more important things.

Examples of Content Marketing Tasks:
  • Developing promotion schedules & strategies.
  • Managing blog schedules, updates, & promotions.
  • Managing social media schedules, updates, & promotions.
  • Outlining, creating, & updating content including blog posts, email sequences, lead magnets, & training videos.
  • Creating swipe copy & graphics for affiliate programs.
  • Performing content repurposing tasks.