What is Content Repurposing? 

Many businesses need more content, but many businesses also make a drastic mistake: Thinking that new content must = brand-new. In reality, if a business already owns content like video training sessions, blog posts, or email sequences, they can easily repurpose that content into different formats.


Why Content Repurposing Help?

Not only does content repurposing make the most out of your initial content investments, but it also provides increased value for your audience!

Examples of Content Repurposing in Action:
  • Podcasts –> blog posts.
  • eCourse –> cheat sheet.
  • Video –> article.
  • Interview –> quote graphic.
  • Presentation slides –> infographic.
  • Live video –> transcript.
  • Blog post –> downloadable worksheet.
  • Testimonials –> landing page.
  • Email copy –> social media copy.
  • And many more!