What is Transcription? 

A transcriptionist listens to audio and writes down what he hears, exactly how he hears it, using proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting techniques. Transcription is used across a wide variety of industries for creating video captions/subtitles, developing other forms of content like blog posts or companion transcripts, or creating quick reference materials.


Why Transcription Help?

Transcription sounds easy, but it isn’t. It involves a lightening-fast typing speed, an unlimited supply of patience, and a stellar set of research skills. In addition, transcription requires a specialized set of equipment, including high-quality headphones, a foot petal, and transcription software. It’s like molding clay into a usable piece of art!

Examples of Transcription in Action:
  • Advertisement videos
  • Training videos/online course videos
  • Podcasts
  • Interview recordings
  • Fiction or nonfiction films
  • Other video/audio archive projects