“Rachel Abernathy is the copywriter, editor, and content marketer that you need to help propel your business to new heights. She has worked with me since 2015, initially as an intern, where she quickly demonstrated her adeptness at content creation and editing, and has continued as my most important team member for my online businesses – creating and editing content and graphics, planning and preparing promotions for our products and of our affiliate partners, and writing and updating content on our website, for email marketing, and social media. I really couldn’t keep up with the demand of creating content and managing promotions for multiple brands like I do without Rachel’s tremendous contributions, and I can’t recommend her highly enough as an expert copywriter, editor, and content marketer.”

Jason Matyas (Co-Founder & Executive Producer of Return to the Old Paths / Beyond Off Grid, Founder of Seeds for Generations, Founder of Get Ready to Thrive)