I’ve always had a special relationship with words.

When I was about 3 years old, I would go around the house at Christmastime singing “Joy to the World,” convinced that “heaven and nature sing” was actually “heaven and RACHEL sing,” despite what my parents said!

Throughout my childhood, my love of words continued. I devoured children’s books. I wrapped my clumsy tongue around Spanish syllables. I practiced American Sign Language in the mirror until my fingers hurt.

But ironically, even though I loved experiencing good words, I hated writing them. Believe it or not, I complained at outlining assignments. I groaned when identifying parts of speech. I cried over spelling tests.

And then, something changed.

Something just clicked.

Grammar, structure, word choice, verb tense, parts of speech…it all finally made sense! It wasn’t something simply designed for elementary school torture. It was important, something I eventually discovered I enjoyed…even though it took years to find out.

So many years later, I still have a special relationship with words. As a copywriter, editor, content marketer, and transcriptionist, I play with words every day. Since 2014, I’ve worked with clients like “The Old Schoolhouse Magazine,” Beyond Off Grid/Return to the Old Paths, Vesterbrook Farm, Seeds for Generations, “King’s Blooming Rose Magazine,” Ultimate Bundles, 3Play Media, and Ubiqus. They’re all different clients, with different priorities. But one thing remains the same across all lines:

Planning, creating, and delivering quality content for their audiences.

It’s really that simple.

I could talk all day about the mechanics of copywriting, the importance of polished content, and the never-ending circle of content promotion. But that’s not really important. Because whether you’re working on a blog post, email, social media post, promotion schedule, video training, or something that nobody has ever heard of before, you’re trying to do two things:

  1. Build your audience.
  2. Grow your business.

It really comes down to those two goals, yes.

But they’re also the “little” things sucking the most time and energy from even the most productive entrepreneurs. How much time do you spend developing promotion schedules? Writing email, social media, and web copy? Updating old content and promoting it to your audience?

Let’s face it--if these tasks take up most of your day, preventing you from doing other important things that the owner of the business should be doing, you need help.

Learn how I can help you get some of YOUR sanity back.

Rachel Abernathy
Copywriter | Editor | Content Marketer | Photographer | Homesteading, Real Food, & Natural Health Niche

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